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Discussion On: Will Dhrupad Live Long ??

Message by Stephen L. Bradley [sbradley@pdreng.com]

Perhaps a form of music doesn't need practitioners, but a strong body of listeners to remain alive. And I submit that there are quite a few musicians that align themselves with the Dhrupad genre to this day. I can think of quite a few that live outside of India, enought that I wouldn't consider this an extinct artform just yet. Remember where the foundations for Khayal were laid.

Message by Tanya [tanya26@vsnl.com]

Yes, Stephen you are probably right, but tell me how will a form of music survive, if it has no practitioners. Apart from Gundecha brothers, Dagars and a few more, tell me who credible practitioners are still practising Dhrupad??? Most of them comparatively take the easier way out...Khayal.

Message by Stephen L. Bradley [sbradley@pdreng.com]

Tanya, First, let me direct you to www.makar.com for many Dhrupad titles from which to choose. If you are looking for vocalist this is the place. If it is instrumentalist that you desire, Pandit Chandrashekar is awsome on the surbahar and they have two offerings of Bahiuddin Dagar's (Z.M. Dagar's son) of his work with the rudra veena. Ustad Imrat Khan is still keeping Dhrupad alive and well, and has many son's that he is actively passing his heritage on to. Then there are those that experiment. Nancy Lesh, who studied with the Dagars and with Ustad Khan, comes to mind. She uses the cello as the extractor of alap, jor and jhala. So I would be cautious in stating that there are no practitioners of this kind of music. Dhrupad seems to be in about the same boat as bluegrass/folk music is here in the U.S., seemingly about to go under. Amazingly for bluegrass, the soundtrack for the film

Message by Prabhjot [prabjot_ap@rediffmail.com]

Dear Gurus and all interested musicians. This is Prabhjot from Niagara Falls, Canada. I'm a die hard fan of all big Maestros in the Classical field especially, Nusrat Sahb and Hans Raj hans. I really want to spread the uses and love for Hindustani Classical music in this area. Can you please help me out?? Any one Please! My Teacher is UNSTAD DILDAAR HUSSAIN WARSI from Delhi. I learnt the classical from him for 1 year and so much interested that I HAVE DECIDED TO DEVOTE MY LIFE TO IT. PLEASE HELP ME OUT ITS HARD TO DO PRACTISE OVER HERE. I MISS MY MUSIC COZ MUSIC IS THE ONLY MY SOUL AND LIFE. THANK YOU, PRABJOT

Message by santosh [santoshnarayanan@rediffmail.com]

I am in Kuwait, and an ardent follower of Indian classical music, mainly the Carnatic style, but I also enjoy hindustani classical. As part of a music forum based in Kuwait, i am interested in knowing more about, getting renowned artists to perform here. Presently, we are keen to bring Bharat Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan to Kuwait. Can anybody tell me, how I can go about this. Where and whom should we approach etc?

Message by K.T.DASARATHY [ktdasarat99@vsnl.net]


Message by Dhrupad Workshop in New Delhi by Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar, Dec 2003 [suvir_misra@hotmail.com]

Dhrupad Workshop By Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar in New Delhi Daily sessions from 20th December to 1st January Duration: 2 hours each session. Recommended for: 1. All vocalists of Indian or Western tradition. 2. All students of Sitar, Surbahar and Been Dhrupad is one of the most ancient existing forms of classical music in India, and its vocal technique is the basis of North Indian classical music. This art form encompasses the techniques of producing heard and unheard sounds (Anahat Nad) , and its practices can elevate any singer's vocal and hearing skills through a natural process. Ustad Fariduddin Dagar will be visiting New Delhi from 20th December to 1st January and would be conducting a workshop on the Dagar vani, and will initiate the students to the fundamentals of the Dagar style of Dhrupad and Dhamar. He would also attend to the advanced students of Sitar, Surbahar and Rudra Veena. On the final day of the workshop Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar would present a recital which would provide a complete glimpse of the theory and techniques taught in the workshop to the students. The workshop would focus on the following : 1) principles and practices of tuning the tanpura (drone instrument) and hearing the harmony and overtones from the instrument; 2) Basic concepts of Dagar vani; 3) methods of articulation to produce vowels and syllables in different registers with different intensities; 4) basic exercises to develop the voice; 5) producing tonic shades wh

Message by Yasir [ayzappa@yahoo.com]

Greetings Desparately need a used or new Sarangi. Live in Pakistan. If there is any manufacturer that delivers in Pakistan please let me know. Or i can try asking someone to get it for me from India but I need the names of good manufacturers.

Message by ajit kumar [kumar_ajit79@yahoo.com]

Does any one knows about any flute or guitar teacher in kolkata, prefererably in and around Salt Lake?

Message by Shiladitya [mindspace008@yahoo.co.in]

Hi I am a law student in India.I have been learning Hindustani clasical vocal music for the last 5 years.though i dont have a concrete idea about dhrupad,but i can say that it is suffering due to fewer number of artists in this field.Khayal has been dominant in the classical music dias since the last 3 to 4 decades or so.Apart from the Gundecha brothers and the Dagars there ae promising musicicans in this field like Uday Bhawalkar and Phalguni mitra.....however,music does not have to be practices to be alive but just a good class of listeners.It is a fact that the taste of listeners has changed drastically when it comes to classical music concerts and they do prefer khayal.But i would ike to contest one of my friends who opines that khayal is the easier way out...well its absolutely not!khayal requires a very rigourous practice as does dhrupad.Per se,they only differ in the format and silsila of the rendition,otherwise the vocal techniques and those of voice throwing are the same.....Khayal and Dhrupad are not superior or inferior to each other but are rather very closely related and in a way complement each other.

Message by raghavendran [raghavendran73@rediffmail.com]

anybody desirous of learning flute online and thro cd's can contact me with details about you and your knowledge level in flute. you can learn to play flute within a year.

Message by Shreya Sharma [musicfreak_shreya454@yahoo.co.in]

Hi .I am Shreya.I have been learning hindustani classical vocal music for 8 years.I am 13 and am presently studying in Welham Girls School Dehradun.I read recently that Dhamar and Dhrupad are almost forgotten .If Khayal continues this way Dhrupad will not live for long. There are very less maestros who can sing dhrupad and I duno what the next gen will be able to do.

Message by Shaily Dadiala [shailydadiala@yahoo.com]

Learn Bollywood fusion dance and Indian classical dance 'Bharatanatyam' in Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia at The Archana Dance Academy. www.thearchanadanceacademy.com

Message by Mahua Muherjee [mahua_tanpura@rediffmail.com]

I am a regular performer of classical music and if anyone have interest for learn on this subject then talk with me through mail.

Message by deborshee bhattacharjee [deborshee2000@yahoo.com]

I am a student of indian classical music since my childhood & pursuing it under the maestro P.t.Ajoy Chakraborty.I am 20 & a performer of all types of music.Anybody intersted to discuss something about it can contact me through my e-mail.Also i would like perform through this site.

Message by Satinath Bhattacharya [satinath.bhattacharya@gmail.com]

hii Robin, i am Satinath Bhattacharya,Dhrupad Singer..i want to make a contact with you.take a look at my website www.satinath-dhrupad.com.. my next musical programme wiil be at HABITAT WORLD,Delhi on 6 th April,2006..if possible please attend along with your musical associates and make a contact with me..

Message by Pritha Chakrabarti [pritha_tarana@yahoo.co.in]

I am a Bharatnatyam dancer from Kolkata,learning from my guru,Srimati Thankamani Kutty for the last 12 years.I shall be performing my Arangetram this year.I have performed on various stages and participated in various workshops under important gurus like Srimati Yamini Krishnamurthy.If anyone wants to discuss something with me, you can mail me.i am very keen on getting some positive response from your site.

Message by Sanjeeb [sundayin@yahoo.com]

Hello, I am a Sitar music performer/teacher of North Indian Classical Music based at New Delhi, India, and have performed earlier at many places in India, Europe, and the US in the past. Video and audio samples of my music can be seen at my website at: www.sanjeebsircar.com I am looking for a few serious sitar students and teaching and performance assignments in India or abroad. E-mail: sundayin@yahoo.com

Message by Rishabh Dhar [rishabhdhar1@yahoo.co.in]

Hi this is for Robin. I just want to tell you guys that you have forgotten about Smt.Ashoka Dhar Nandy the seniormost disciple of Late Ustad Nasir Aminuddin Dagar Sahab.I am the son of Smt.Dhar & we are regularly performing in different parts of the world.You can find quite a bit of informations about us on the web if you type

Message by Rishabh Dhar [rishabhdhar1@yahoo.co.in]

Hi Robin, We have a new CD from Riverside Studio from Aalkmaar.Can I have your email address.my email id is rishabhdhar1@yahoo.co.in Please do get in touch with me. Thanks bye Rishabh Dhar.

Message by music [love_god677@hotmail.com]

hello every body , if any body intersted to learn , indian music like vocal,synthysizr,tabla etc,pl contact me on my mail

Message by souravbrata [souravbrata@yahoo.com]

dear friend ihad learned classical music from pt. manilal nag and later still now learning from pt. kashinath mukherjee . iused to play sitar and surbahar extensively for 10 years. i wish to perform ouyside kolkata to get inter national acclaimation and to sharpen himself.

Message by souravbrata [souravbrata@yahoo.com]

i am performing at kolkata.if you come to kolkata . iwant that you should make cntact with me. i would like to share musical views.

Message by william [liam@featheredspiritofmother.com]

I disagree that an artform, especially something like dhrupad, will live on with a class of listeners if the performers are not present. Still, dhrupad exists and I believe will exist in temple musics, it is for this reason that dhrupad has not been allowed to die out completely. I believe that, without the musicians or the temple traditions, it cannot exist with only listeners. If there are only listeners, who will they listen to?<br> <br> funny that i have happened on this topic as i am currently listening to a recording of the gundecha brothers singing bhairava.<br> <br> On another note, I am moving to gujarat near vadodara in august to study with my sarod guru. anyone live near or around there?

Message by william [liam@featheredspiritofmother.com]

forgot also to mention who I am studying with, currently from Anniruddha Rai and soon with Satyam Rai, both sons of the late Pandit Vasant Rai, one of the greatest sarodiyas to have lived.

Message by satinath bhattacharya [satinath_dhrupadi@yahoo.com]

hi william,i am very glad to see that you are learning sarod and has a great intterst on dhrupad also.dhrupad will not die but survive may not be in a speedy move like other music as it is an iternal music.if you intterested about dhrubad i will be pleased to guide you.all my music details would be avaliable through my music website www.satinath-dhrupad.com

Message by Anirban Bhattacharyya [anirbanbhat_cal@yahoo.co.in]

Hi! I am Anirban Bhattacharyya, a student and presently a teacher of Indian Classical Music...I am a desciple of Pt.Ajoy Chakraborty and a performer of all forms of music..be it a Raaga or any form of light music..I think that music is the ultimate form of entertainment..So, keep in touch....

Message by rajshree [rajshree_gupta@rediffmail.com]

its very nice that u r now covering kolkata city too,but we will also like mumbai n other cities to be added like jaipur etc

Message by KASTURI CHANDRA [kasturi_chandra_music@yahoo.co.in]

hi, i am kasturi chandra, a student of Indian Classical music...i am a desciple of Pt. Ajoy Chakraborty..i prefer classical music to any other kind of music..THIS IS A NICE site,, So,keep it up...

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