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One of the most well known disciples of Late Bharat-Ratna Ustad Bismillah Khan Saheb, Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT"s rendering of Shehnai is marked with an emotional presentation - which has a systematic blending and an improvisation of Raga in the "Gayaki-Ang". His phenomenal breath-control is superb and notable. No less noteworthy is his inclination in presenting the most intricate Ragas of his Shehnai which are less heard these days, like Raga Shivamat-Bhairav, Shahana-Bahar, Hans-Narayan, Hanskinkini, Meghranjani & many others.

The depth and range of his Shehnai has a thorough spiritual, scientific, logical and professional approach towards his Music.

Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT is equally eager to perform Lecture-cum-Demonstrations like his Concerts,
& feels the intense necessity of propagating Music and every intricacy of Shehnai to each and every person who would love to understand Music and the Instrument - SHEHNAI.

Pandit SHAILESH BHAGWAT has rendered his Shehnai- Recitals at innumerable places in India on account of various types of Occasions & has given Concerts of SHEHNAI for more than Three Decades to date.

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