Message from the founder of Hindustani Classical

Dear Connoisseur,

First of all I thank you for logging in to

Through this message, I would like to tell you about the inception of & also share my thoughts & aspirations and also what we wish to achieve through it.

The Inception

HindustaniClassical was conceived in the year 1999 when I was reading a newspaper article which mentioned the very ordinary financial status of one of the better known Classical Vocalists of the nation. It was followed by another article in a Newsmagazine which said something similar about a great Classical Instrumentalist of the Nation.

In both the cases they had applied for help from the Government and awaited it. And when the help came it was too meager to be of any major help.

This situation brought to the fore hardships which the musicians faced in their lives when they , on account of ill health & age, became incapable to perform or had to cut down on performances. Cutting down on the frequency of such concerts which by all means are an important way of earning livelihood for these Classical Artists resulted in lower incomes and hence the obvious followed.

It is no secret that apart from the top few Classical Musicians who have spent all of their lives into the service of music and can now be termed as relatively comfortable financially, other Classical Musicians are really not very well to do & do need more money, more help to carry out on with their lives.

Need felt for a Herculean effort

I would say that the Government does its bit and various trusts formed for this purpose have also been doing their part, yet somewhere there is a need for a Herculean effort. There is a limit on what the government can spend as it has other sectors and priorities on list as well where it has to spend. Talking about the Trusts, they do receive donations and spend it at the right places, but the kind of money needed to provide a sense of security for Classical Musicians as a whole might not be available in this trusts. Here a need exists to maximize the revenue & the funds these trusts receive, so that they are able to serve classical Musicians better...

HindustaniClassical conceived

The above situation & thoughts had been on my mind and I discussed them with some of the better known names in Indian Classical Music. They helped me frame an idea and I thought of developing and serving the cause by the way of launching a Classical Music Portal, by the name of

What we aim at HindustaniClassical

At, we aim to serve the cause as stated above. A registered charitable trust, intends to further also contribute to like minded, credible, deserving trusts, which have been serving musicians and classical music.
Achieving our aim

We wish to achieve all we plan for- through the portal and through Organizing Classical Music Concerts Worldwide, providing scholarships etc..

Join the HindustaniClassical Effort

I would like to appeal to you as a Connoisseur of Indian Classical Music to join the effort in any way you feel appropriate. Because its our music, our heritage, our culture and we don't do it, who else would......?

All suggestions and ideas are welcome.. To send your suggestions or to join, you could fill in the form for the purpose provided in the site or e-mail me directly.

May God Bless us all..!!

Thank you once again,.......and do keep visiting,

Yours very sincerely,

Suyash Gupta