Blessings to has been fortunate enough to receive blessings and appreciation from maestros and intellectuals alike. We feel pleasure in presenting some of them here.

"HindustaniClassical as envisaged by the team, needs a Herculean effort. I really wish and bless the team that they achieve that"

Shri Vijay Burman, Bharatiya Samskriti Samsad

" I am very happy and relieved that this young team had taken as their endeavor to help Classical Musicians when they are not able to perform and need help the most. I am sure that Classical Music and Musicians are safe in the hands of today's youth. May God Bless them all!! ".

Ustad Asad Ali Khan

" We are glad that somebody has taken a step towards organizing the classical music community as a family"

Ustad Mazhar- Ali -Jawad Ali Khan

" Nice to hear about your website. I went through the same and found it quite interesting. I feel you are doing a yeomen service for the cause of our music through your website. It has a great potential to become one of the most sought after websites in the times to come. You have all my good wishes and support for the same."