Pandit Jasraj

  • Pandit Jasraj
  • Jaipur-Mewati
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A highly renowned artist of the vocal tradition of the Mewati Gharana in Hindustani Classical Music, Pandit Jasraj is a voice that has been heralded both nationally and internationally.

He was born on the 28th of January 1930, into a family that bears a deep musical tradition; it has produced four generations of outstanding musicians under the Mewati Gharana.

Pandit Jasraj had his initial training under his father the Late Motiramji. Thereafter, he undwerwent rigorous tutelage under his elder brother and guru - the Late Sangeet Mahapadhyaya Pandit Maniram. The richness, dexterity and the ability to span three-and-a-half octaves are vocal qualities that this talented artist is inherently gifted with. However, he attributes much of its spiritual expression to his spiritual guru, the late Maharana Shri Jaiwant Singhji of Sanand.

Artistic Contributions
Perfect diction, clarity of "sur" (pitch) and command over all aspects of "laya" (rhythm) are the highlights of Pandit Jasraj’s vocal prowess. A keen sense of attention to the lyrical quality of his composition is a characteristic he’s acquired as part of his learning under the Mewati School. His most significant contribution has been the novel concept of a jugalbandi (classical duet performance) based on the ancient system of "moorchanas", between male and female vocalists, each singing their respective scales and different ragas at the same time. This has been so widely appreciated that connoisseurs of music in Pune, a city 150km south of Mumbai, have termed it the "Jasrangi Jugalbandi".

Pandit Jasraj has also been honoured by the Harvard University Art Museum in the US and has the Pandit Jasraj School of Music Foundation in Vancouver as well as the Pandit Jasraj Academy of Music in New Jersey.

He has also received several awards, which include the Padmashri in 1975, Sangeet Natak Akademi in 1987 and the Padmabhushan in 1997.

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