Maihar Gharana

Provenance :

This gharana is a relatively newer gharana as compared to others. Its foundation is rooted in a Madhya Pradesh town of Maihar.


Ustad Allaudin Khan, also profoundly known as "Baba" founded this gharana. He was a disciple of Ustad Wazir Khan (Rampur Gharana).



Maihar derives a lot of influence from Dhrupad. The Maihar Gharana uses different techniques such as Ladi (chain), where quick tremolo strokes are played, for sustaining the notes in the Jod section and Tar- Paran, where the strokes of the Pakhawaj are imitated. The Chikari sound, which is prominent in the Imdadkhani style, is absent in the Maihar style. This Gharana uses the second, third and fourth strings too, in a 'Raga', giving it different sounds. The techniques used, are Meend, Gamak, Zamzama, Sparsh and Krintan and the Taans used are the Phirat, Diri-Diri and Gamak style Taans.

The Peerless & Illustrious:

Maihar is probably one of those few gharanas wherein the transition from one generation to ther has not necessarily been through family members only and has been infact been more through Guru-Shishya parampara only.

Ustad Allaudin Khan, Pt. Ravi Shankar, Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, Pandit Nikhil Banerjee.

The Torchbearers:



Ustad Allauddin Khan has been hailed as probably one of the greatest muscians world could ever see. He was extremely blessed and could play many instruments, justifying each of them properly. However in his later years he concentrated primarily on Sarod and Violin.