Delhi Tabla

Delhi Gharana



Siddhar Khan set up this Gharana sometime in the early part of the 18th century.



It laid down the basic principles for improvising on the Tabla. It is characterized by its sharp sounds in the 'Chati' area. In order to distinguish the sounds emanating from the different areas, like, the 'Chati', Syahi and Sur, the middle and index fingers are used. Pakhawaj bols are not used. The stress is on Ad and Barabar laya. Here, the stress is on shorter pieces and tirkit, dhindhin, dhati dhage etc. are used. Many compositions are in the four-fold time pattern. The left side is played with the help of the middle forefinger without lifting the palm.

The Peerless & Illustrious

Main representatives are Ustad Natthu Khan, Game Khan, Inam Ali Khan, late Latif Ahmad Khan, Shafat Ahmad Khan and late Pt. Chaturlal.

The Torchbearers