Agra Gharana



Agra Gharana is said to be founded by two vocalists Shamrang and Sasrang,who were exponents of the 'dhrupad-dhamar' style.



The khayal rendition came into this school toward the mid -nineteenth century. A distinct feature of this school is the fine attention it pays to layakari (the understanding of rhythm), as a result of its association with the dhrupad and dhamar styles.

The Peerless & Illustrious

Ustad Faiyaz Khan.It was Ustad Faiyaz Khan who was responsible for lending the gharana the distinction it now bears as an individual school within khayal gayaki. His style of singing was one that laid great stress on a long alaap as of course layakari (rhythmic nuances).

The Torchbearers



A composition, as per the Agra style is generally presented in the madhya-laya (medium tempo) with the use of bol-laya i.e the use of words within the bandish to play with rhythm rather than using aakar to do so. Similar in concept was that of bol-taan where the words within the composition were set to taan (vocal inflections) rather than using the aakar to do so. The taans in the Agra style begin from varying points and are controlled in the madhya laya, rather than being used swiftly to impress with speed.