Benaras Tabla

Benaras Tabla Gharana



Ram Sahay Mishra founded it in the early 19th century



It makes use of Pakhawaj bols. It is associated with dance forms and is characterized by gat, mohra, mukhda, uthan, rela and laggi. The Bols include Parans like Ganesh Paran, Gaja Paran and long Parans with shlokas are found in the compositions of this gharana.

Complex layakari is one of the distinct features of this gharana. Both masculine and feminine gats are developed in this style. Smaller drums are used and the playing is clear and forceful. The solo begins with uthan compositions and dha is often replaced by na. Syllables from almost all instruments are made use of. Laya, such as Barabar, Ad (multiples/fractions of one and a half, eg. Three fourth, three, six, etc.) Viad (multiples/fractions of three and a half) and Kuad (multiples/fractions of two and a half) are used. Rare taals like the Shultal, Pancham Sawari and Dhamar are also played.

The Peerless & Illustrious

Pt. Samta Prasad, Pt.Kishan Maharaj and Pt. Sharda Sahay, Anokhelalji, Kanthe Maharaj, Sharda Sahay, Ramji Mishra, Ranganath Mishra, Kumarlal Mishra, Biru Mishra, Bacha Mishra, Ishwarlalji and Chotelalji.

The Torchbearers

Kumar Bose, Balkrishna Iyer and Sandeep Das.