Most of us suffer in life because we look at life in
compartments in your house, you have many rooms and
you only focus on one room and keep it spic and span
and neglect all other rooms. You will then find that
the filth in other rooms will invade the room which
you kept clean. The effort to be comfortable will
result in discomfort, because you have not looked at
your home holistically. Likewise. Life has many
compartments, and if we focus on only one aspect of
life, say the work front or the family front, and
neglect other compartments of life- like our intimate
zones, social zones- than one will find that the dirt
and cobwebs in other zones will start invading and
contaminating the zones which one has kept clean.

When people say, " I am unhappy in spite of being
successful", I probe and look into why is it that in
spite of success they are unhappy, and invariably
guide them into the important zones of everyone"s
life: the Intimate Zone, the Family Zone, the Work
Zone, the Social Zone and the Spiritual Zone.

Only if one works in all these zones, one"s life will
be happy and one"s success will be meaningful.

The "intimate zone" refers to something that is
private to you. You are a unique individual in your
own way. Every unique individual has his own call and
has to fulfil the call. A housewife may have the
talent and want to be a painter, but she is too busy
being a housewife and does not fulfil the call in her
to be a painter, then in spite of being a successful
housewife, she is an unsuccessful individual. This
internal conflict creates friction, which leads to
unhappiness. With unhappiness in life the body also
gets diseased, since when "ease" is disturbed you are
prone to disease. Many of our diseases result from
our inner conflicts. Therefore, learn to appreciate
that you are unique individual, and fulfil your call.

In your "family zone", work on fulfilling the needs
and demands of the family. There is also your work
zone. Try to be creative in your work zone. If you
are not creative in your work zone, again the lack of
fulfilment creates inner tension. The tension from the
mind spills over to the body, and you will be unhappy
and unwell.

Then there is the "social zone". No man is an island.
We are all interdependent individuals. Since we are
inter-dependent, helping others is helping yourself.
Hurting others is hurting yourself. I find it always
strikes a chord in my listeners when I say, "Hey!
Helping others is helping yourself." Thus when you
understand society as a whole, then you start working
on the social zone. Then you look how to beautify
society in the process.

Every one of us has a spiritual seeker within. A
person may be an atheist or theist, it does not
matter. Spiritual means how to heighten your spirit.
Abrahaman Maslow"s "Hierarchy of Needs" postulates
that there is an "Actualisatioin" need. There is a
call in us for the infinite, but we are so deaf that
we don"t listen to the call of the infinite, the call
of the good, the call of the divine. If our mind is
lost in petty calls, we don"t listen to the call of
the infinite. That call of the infinite, the call of
the good, the call of the divine exists in each one of
us and it is the "spiritual zone".

So, like a good housewife who looks to all aspects in
making the home comfortable, and works on all the
rooms in the house, in the same way life should also
be lived in a multi-dimensional way. When you work on
all the zones, then a certain well-being is born.
That will-being will make your life comfortable. When
you become comfortable within, the comfort of the mind
spills over to the body, the body will also be
comfortable. This comfort makes us live at peace with
what is. If one can learn the art of being at peace
with what is, then life will be a poetry; for most of
us life is a prose.

If your heart has poetry, read prose and the prose
will become a poetry. But if the heart has only
prose, even when you read poetry, it will become
prose. Life becomes poetry if you have learnt the art
of being at peace with what is. Therefore, treat life
holistically, life is multidimensional.